Dog Shelters

We want to stop animal cruelty but isn’t it animal cruelty to lock dogs in cages like a common criminal for the public to walk up and down the aisles to look at them. They are on display, scared and lonely. They are not capable of understanding why they are there. Some are there for days, others for weeks or months. Ultimately if not adopted they may be euthanized or moved to a different shelter. They develop behavior problems or possibly aggression. No wonder there are so many shelter returns.

If a human were placed in a cage like this and they hadn’t committed a crime how would they ultimately act?

This is barbaric and not the way a shelter should be. It’s time for a major change! Every dog in a shelter should be placed on a sanctuary until they are adopted. A sanctuary gives dogs freedom to socialize with other dogs, to run and play. They would be in a home-like setting; not in a cage. They would receive love and attention and be far less apt to develop behavior issues.

Cesar Millan often has 30 to 40 dogs at his dog psychology center. They are not locked in cages and are regularly given exercise, discipline and love. He finds good homes for them. Ask Cesar if a sanctuary is possible and a more humane way to house animals waiting for adoption. With a professional trainer on staff it would bring shelters into humane housing and out of the Dark Age.shelter2

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