About Us

About Us

Having grown up on a ranch surrounded by all sorts of animals, our founder has always been an animal lover. Upon learning that roughly 4,000,000 dogs and cats are needlessly being euthanized every single year, she decided to create the Animal Haven Rescue Sanctuary. Our foundation is determined to find homes for animals that would otherwise be put to sleep.

From abusive horse trainers to illegal puppy mills, animal cruelty is widespread. We want to educate the public about abuse they might not be aware even exists and encourage those looking to purchase a pet to “adopt don’t shop”, since many pet shops support puppy mills by buying from them.

A Different Kind of Rescue Operation

SCRAPS in Spokane, Wahsington has just built a new larger kennel. This really solves only one problem – overpopulation, as the longer animals are kept in kennels, the more problems they develop. We plan on placing our adopted animals in homes where they can live a normal life. There’s nothing quite like this in the area.
Animal Haven Mission Statement

Animal Haven’s mission is to end animal cruelty and be a voice for the millions of dogs and horses that suffer emotional and physical pain beyond belief and are abused or neglected and whose lives are needlessly cut short. We feel one of the first steps in ending cruelty is based on education. So many people do not know what a puppy mill is or how common dog fighting for profit is. They do not know for instance how a Tennessee walking horse is often trained to walk in such an unnatural way. Without understanding of the terrible cruelty and abuse these animals suffer (often to death) they cannot make an informed choice about whether to support these activities. There are many good people in the world and they need to be aware of what goes on behind the scenes and to report animal cruelty, neglect and abuse of any kind to proper authorities.

Animal Haven will also educate potential companion pet adopters so they understand what it means to be a responsible pet owner by considering the obligations of owning a pet prior to adoption (less shelter returns). Adoption should be forever. They will be helped to understand the importance of spaying and neutering their pets and keeping shots up to date and teaching small children that pets are not rag dolls to be pulled and tugged on or hurt in any way.
Animal Haven supports the “adopt, don’t buy” philosophy aimed to put puppy mills out of business and will contribute in any way possible to close dog fighting rings. Animal Haven will work with any shelter or any rescue group in any area to achieve these common goals and provide a safe haven with love and care for dogs and horses that have been rescued as well as stray dogs, old dogs and owner release dogs that are subject to euthanasia and need a second chance to find a forever home.

We will work with behavioral issues that cause shelter returns, so new pet parents will say “he/she is a keeper”. All dogs will be spayed and neutered, have shots and a vet check before they are released to their new home (no exceptions).

We believe euthanasia should only be considered if the animal is suffering and cannot be made comfortable. If needed it will be done properly by a licensed veterinarian with loved ones close by. Contact us at (509)216-7166 in Spokane, Washington, to learn how you can help make our animal rescue operation a success.


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